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As the most experienced firm of stockbrokers in Trinidad and Tobago – especially in the area of capital market transactions – WISE has made many impressive achievements including:-

1)   Take-over Engagements, Offer to Purchase

Since 1990, we have handled, either individually or jointly, take-overs of the following companies.



April 1990*

Take-over of Caribbean Development Co Ltd by McEnearney Alstons Limited

April 1990

Represented Valpark Shopping Plaza Ltd, which was being taken over by Colonial Life Insurance Company ( Trinidad) Ltd (CLICO)

August 1990

Take-over of Crown Life (Caribbean) Ltd by Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited

December 1990*

Take-over of Home Construction Ltd by CLICO

June 1991

Take-over of Valpark Shopping Plaza Ltd by Home Construction Ltd

August 1991

Take-over of T Geddes Grant Ltd by CLICO (subsequently withdrawn)

July 1992*

Take-over of T. Geddes Grant by Neal and Massy Holdings Ltd

December 2006 CIBC Investments (Cayman) Limited Offer to Purchase all the outstanding common shares of FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited

* Jointly handled with another broker 


3)   New Share Issues




April 1991

Caribbean Communications Network Ltd

7.5MM shares at $1.10

December 2002

BWIA (West Indies) Airways Limited

12MM shares at $7.85

December 2002

Sagicor Financial Corporation

85MM shares at BDS$1.75

August 2006

One Caribbean Media Limited

3MM shares at $20.00

July 2011

Sagicor Financial Corporation Preference Shares

120MM shares at BDS2.00 or USD1.00


4)   Offer For Sale




January 1990

Trinidad Cement Limited

21MM shares at $0.85

June 1995

National Flour Mills Limited

12.02MM shares at $2.10

November 1996

National Flour Mills Limited

9.015MM shares at $2.50

February 1999

Prestige Holdings Limited

15MM shares at $2.60

February 2001

National Enterprises Limited

50MM shares at $4.00

September 2002

National Enterprises Limited

75MM shares at $4.75


5)   Rights Issues




July 1992

Flavorite Foods Limited


May 1994

The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Limited
1:3 Rights Issue


July 1994

Angostura Holdings Limited
1:5 Rights Issue


May 1995

The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Limited
2:7 Rights Issue


September 1995

Caribbean Communications Network Limited
1:2 Rights Issue


November 1998

RBTT Financial Holdings Limited
2:13 Rights Issue


June 2000

Trinidad Cement Limited
1:5.2 Rights Issue


June 2001

Guardian Holdings Limited
2:13 Rights Issue


November 2002

FirstCaribbean International Bank Limited
5:12 Rights Issue


June 2003

1:2 Rights


June 2005

Guardian Holdings Limited
1:19 Rights Issue


July 2011

Sagicor Financial Corporation
12.269 Million Common Shares

USD 20,000,000

March 2015

Trinidad Cement Limited 1:2 Rights Issue



6)   Cross-Listing



April 1999

Barbados Shipping and Trading Company Ltd


7)   Corporation Sole

We were appointed by The Corporation Sole - Minister of Finance to sell Government’s remaining holding of shares in Trinidad Cement Limited in September 1998 (18,200,000).


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Directors, Executives and Principal Officers


Board of Directors

  • Suzanne Seepersad (Chairman)
  • Natalie Mansoor
  • Jason Thomas


Executives and Principal Officers

Adrian Manmohan – Head

Adrian has over twenty five years’ experience in the financial services sector. Twenty three of those years have been at WISE where he moved from an Investment Analyst to his current position of Head. He also spent two years as Manager of Investment Services at ANSA Merchant Bank Limited.

Adrian is responsible for the overall operations of WISE. He ensures that the operations of the Company are efficient, timely, relevant and within the confines of the law while providing a superior level of service to all clients.

Adrian holds a BA in Economics from McMaster University, Canada and has completed the Canadian Securities Course (Honours). He is currently pursuing an MSc in Finance.


Rickhi Ramsahai – Senior Manager, Investment Sales

Rickhi has over twenty years working in the Financial Sector. He joined WISE in 2006 as an Assistant Manager – Sales and Business Development and moved up the rank to Manager and now to Senior Manager – Investment Sales. Rickhi now manages the entire sales team of WISE and is responsible for ensuring WISE maintains it competitive advantage in the industry with the largest portfolio of assets under administration while operating at all times within the regulatory framework. Rickhi is also charged with the responsibility of maintaining the high level of professional and efficient customer service currently provided to our clients.


Gina Lum Sang-De Silva – Senior Manager, Investment Sales

Gina joined WISE in June 2019. She is a Sales Professional having held various positions within RBC, before taking on the new challenge at WISE, a post she currently holds. In her role, she has responsibility of the sales team and the management of all customer relationships. Her experience incorporates a number of management positions in Corporate and Commercial Banking as well as in Investment Management.

Gina holds an MBA from The University of Hull in Marketing and E-Business as well as a BSc in Management Studies from The University of the West Indies. In addition, she has completed international professional training in the areas of Credit Risk Management, Business Support Services and Selling Skills and Negotiation.



Salma Ali – Equity Trader

Salma joined WISE in April 1998. She filled the post of Assistant Accountant before being promoted to Accountant in 2001, when she completed her ACCA accreditation. In June 2005, Salma took on a new challenge at WISE and became the Equity Trader, a post she currently holds. She is a Registered Representative with the Trinidad & Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission since November 2006. During her tenure, Salma was involved in a number of different IPOs, Rights Issues, Bonus Issues and Share Buy-Back Programs.


Meera Balroop – Fixed Income Trader

Meera joined the financial services sector in 2007 as a Treasury Analyst, at a major local financial institution for a period of 4 years. She then joined RBC in the role of a Foreign Exchange Trader, after which she moved to become the Fixed Income Trader for the Bank and then WISE, covering both the local and international markets. Meera’s role involves actively trading international fixed income instruments and maintaining many international brokerage relationships, alongside active trading in the local bond and treasury bill market. Meera holds a BSc in Management and Economics, an MBA specializing in Finance and the Chartered Financial Analyst accreditation which she obtained in 2016.


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